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TheCountryMusicHighway.com is a unique web site designed with one driving purpose in mind.     The "highway" is designed to provide aspiring country music singers and song writers with a forum to display their talents.
       While many singers and song writers have a Web Site, few get the traffic they need, especially from agents and promoters, to be discovered. This is where having an exclusive spot on  TheCountryMusicHighway.com will  make the difference.  Agents, and record producers alike all have one thing in common.  They all are working desperately to find the next big hit, the next bright star. It is the goal of TheCountryMusicHighway.com to consolidate talent in one pool from which the agents and executives can fish for their next big strike.   Before long everyone will know where to go to find the newest and brightest talents country and bluegrass music have to offer. Secure your place on TheCountryMusicHighway.com and get on the road to recognition today.

What TheCountry MusicHighway.com

   1. Recognition .  Not only will "the highway": be widely publicized on the net but we will seek to place it in trade magazines and other areas that an agent or producer might go to look for new talent.  Being associated with "the highway" will increase your chances of being seen and heard.
     2.  Retail sales. As a member of "the Highway" you will be able to sell your tapes and CD's at our online "General Store".
     3.  Representation. While it is the primary objective of TheCountryMusicHighway.com to promote the entire pool of talent on "the highway", we can be available to assist an individual highway member.  If requested, we can be there to assist in all phases of the music publication process.

What's the Toll?
Basic Package:       $500
Initial spot on the Highway
two songs encoded and posted
bio and contact information

Standard Package: $700
Same as basic plus:
 -an additional 2 songs
-option for placing items in our online General Store

Deluxe Package:     $900
Deluxe Package:
All above plus:
-Optional free monthly update

Economy Package: $150
-Small Photo
-Descriptive paragraph of limited length

Basic Fee to update or change material : $35 per hour